This is possibly a record-making moment: both of us are speechless. Not only speechless, but overwhelmed and in tears. This evening, we were given a collection of letters from some of the many wonderful home learning parents and families who have attended our book talks over the last six years.  In these letters were moving memories and beautiful stories, and an outpouring of appreciation that was (and is) absolutely staggering. Several of you told us about specific moments or titles that shaped and changed you and your loved ones, or that made one of your children into the avid reader they have become (all credit to that is really due to them and you, by the way, but we’re absolutely overjoyed to hear about it, and thrilled to have been a part of it!).

What extraordinarily kind and thoughtful people you all are to have done this: to have taken the time and energy to make us feel so valued. Ironically, for women who earn their living through language, tonight we really don’t have the words to thank you. Our hearts are full; we both feel so amazingly fortunate to know you all, and to get to be a part of your lives.


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4 responses to “Wow.

  1. Skye

    You deserve every word of praise. Enjoy the glow of being showered in respect and appreciation.
    -Skye & Family

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  2. I didn’t get a letter written in time, being totally self-absorbed in a renovation project, so let me say this: I’ve been to the last two book nights, and chief among my hopes for my daughters (12 and 14) is that they would grow to be as articulate, passionate, and well-read as the two of you. I always type up my notes after book night and send them to my sister in Calgary…soon you’ll be known across the land!

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